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The purpose of this site is not only to inform about what a great boat the Johnson 18 is, but also about sailing in general.

Whether racing or cruising, dinghy or keel, we encourage you to enjoy sailing to its fullest. Here are some more of the sailing links we've collected over the years. We have skipped ones which are listed on the other major sites, such as racing class boats listed at US Sailing or at other big links pages. Please contact us if you have a good link you'd like to add, or if one doesn't work anymore (especially if you have the site's new address).

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Off the top of our heads...

Sailing FAQ covering the sport in general, this is a downloadable file.

Mark Rosenstein's Sailing Links: a page of links to almost any nautical interest

Stephen Jones Sailing Index: a commercial link site

Wind! The Beaufort Scale

Sailing E-Zines:

An on-line magazine, the Sailing ource. Affiliated with the Int'l Sailing Federation (ISAF)

Sailing World: an off-line magazine on-line. This one is largely racing oriented.

Cyber Nautica

On-line magazine for southeastern US- South Wind Sailing

Do-It-Yourself on-line boating magazine

SailingNow, a British sailing on-line 'zine, with design reviews, a forum, tech articles)

Jobson Sailing, broadcast TV and publications

Racing Classes

Some One-Design, Some Development

International 70, an Olympic class 2-person centerboard dinghy with trapeze & spinnaker

A small boat widely used for training and junior programs, also an interntaional class 420

The 18-Foot Skiffs, the fastest sailboats in the world

For folks that love excitement of a development class: try the International 14

Another repeat from the comparison table, 2-person, no trap, no spinnaker, U.S. Albacore Assn

Buccaneer 18- a 2-person, no-trap, spinnaker dinghy

This is not the "Scow" you'll find in the dictionary C-Scows

Cal-25, "racing and cruising" in a 25-foot 1960s classic keelboat

Another nice, but slightly newer design racer/cruiser keelboat Capri 25

Cherub- One of those scary double-trapeze rockets with sails

OK, want a FAST boat? Here's a trailerable racer/cruiser: the Stilletto Catamaran

International Dragon- A beautiful (think "elegant") classic keelboat, formerly an Olympic class

A 22 1/2 foot racer/cruiser classic keelboat, the Pearson Ensign

Europe Dinghy- an unofficial web site for the Womens Olympic singlehander.

Another personal web site with a great death-roll pic! Of course it's a Finn.

Flying Fifteen here's something a little different- a 2-person spinnaker keel dinghy.

Another entry from the comparison table - International Flying Dutchman fleet

Hampton One-Design- a Chesapeake Bay fishing sloop adapted for racing

If you didn't know Boston Whaler built sailboats- Harpoon

Updated from former times, a sliding-seat singlehander that flies- Int'l 10sq.m Canoe

The Javelin, a 2-person asymmetric spinnaker equipped Australian trapeze class

J24s Another keel racer/cruiser, this one a modern (1970s) flush-deck with a large international class.

Mentioned briefly in our FAQ, a 35-foot LOA keelboat racer/cruiser J105

Laser 5000- a 2-person double-trapeze asymetric-spinnakered dinghy with weight equalization

Melges 24 class

Olson 30- a slightly larger keel ULDB racer. Tell your wife it's a racer/cruiser

Occasionally sighted outside the UK, a high-performance 2-person trapeze spinnaker dinghy- Osprey

Fast, build-it-yourself, backed by centuries of tradition... Polynesian Catamarans

Pintail- small centerboard daysailer, built by O'Day and others

An older one-design, 2-person, no spinnaker: the Rebel Class Ass'n

Rocket 22- Builder page for a canadian sportboat, supposed to be a Melges 24-killer. Cool looking.

A small keel racer/cruiser- Santana 20

Skiffs!!! The sixteen-footers this time. Still a scary double trap rocket with sails.

Sunfish- probably the most numerous and popular boat in the world

A handsome 2-person dinghy, bench seats but a spinnaker lauch/retrieval chute- Tanzer 16

Tanzer 22- A cruiser/racer this time- some people trailer them.

Beautiful, fast, the Olympic catamaran class: Tornado

Viper 640- another site for these 3-person keel racer/daysailer speedsters

West Coast WW Potter web site

Collegiate Sailing:

Columbia University Sailing Team

Hey, these guys are good! College of Charleston Sailing Team


Georgia Tech

University of Iowa

The South Atlantic Intercollegiate Sailing Association

University of Wisconsin Sailing Club- lots of good educational stuff here.

Personal Web Sites:

A really, really cool non-commercial site (it's not real glamorous-looking either) called Call Me Fishmeal

Jonathan Ho's "The Winning Formula"- favorite racing-oriented page.

In Search Of The Perfect Dinghy- Chris Harlan's great site about his quest

Mark Johnson's Racing Basics- the title of this page says it all.

Get Knotted! Because every sailor should know how to tie one on.

Bill Lee's "Wizard" homepage. The inventor of the ULDB.

More on knots and knot tying

Download maps & charts free: NOS Mapfinder HomePage

Map of White Bear Lake- Not exactly a NOAA chart, but it'll do- Home of Johnson 18 Fleet One

Find hull speed, compare boats by other ratios with Carl's Sailing Calculator

The Leukemia Cup- a great series of regattas for an excellent cause

Extreme speed sailing including Yellow Pages Endeavor

More Australian Yachting Photos from Richard Bennet

Navigation & the RMS Titanic, cruising South Australia, lots of photos: All At Sea with Dave Gittens

U.S. Coast Guard's Boating Accident Report Database

Rums of the Eastern Caribbean- as in Yo-Ho-Ho and a bottle of....

The Ultimate PWC repellent: catamaran-mounted missile

The Great Cardboard Boat Race- since 1974

Information for those sailing San Francisco bay- crew list, events, etc

Arthur R. Literary Pages- readable on-line, including kids sailing books

America's Cup

Sailing Organizations:

The International Sailing Federation: the Big Guys that are responsible for the sport. Formerly known as the International Yacht Racing Union, they decided that "yachting" sounded too snobby and "union" sounded like they had Mafia connections (or something).

The U.S. Sailing Association: the slightly smaller Big Guys responsible for sailboat racing in the United States. Formerly known as the U.S. Yacht Racing Union, and before that the North American Yacht Racing Union (founded 1925, almost three decades later and in a whole different century than Johnson Boat Works).

Sailing Clubs:

Baltimore's Downtown Sailing Center

Oxford Sailing Club, Farmoor, Oxfordshire UK

Royal Cork Yacht Club, Ireland

Jamestown Yacht Club, Rhode Island

Fort Worth Boat Club- how they do it in Texas

Detroit- Motor City Sailing!

Severn Sailing Association- Annapolis the sailing capital

Ottowa River Sailing Page- includes maps, regional directory, a forum, more links, etc.

Marin County community sailing center

Nyack Boat Club, Nyack NY, USA

A sailing center in Melbourne, Florida

Sailing San Diego


Bainbridge Sails and Sailcloth





Mack Sails, Stuart Florida


Sabre Sails, Ft Walton Beach Florida

Informative site by Pineapple Sails in Oakland Ca

Quantum (information on a-sails)




Layline, Inc: A supplier of equipment and parts, specializing in sailboat racing gear, clothes, and fittings.

Musto Yachting- makers of hi-tech SailingWear

Team 1 Newport- supplier of sailing gear like clothes & shoes)

This store sells clothing, watches, blocks etc- Annapolis Performance Sailing

Performance Sailing Center- rentals, sales, gear; in Melbourne, Florida

West Marine: Another supplier of almost everything nautical.

Ockam Instruments- knotmeters etc.

Epoxy Suppliers:

Gougeon Brothers WEST System

System 3

MAS Epoxies

Raka Marine

Self-explanatory- advisory board for the Recreational Boat Building Industry

Safe/Sea On-Line:  tow & salvage operation info

Compasses & Navigation

Bowditch: the greatest book ever written on navigation

The U.S. Coast Guard's Navigation Center

Finding Your Way With Map And Compass-

Compass Makers:

Magnetic Declination- if this isn't self-explanatory, you definitely need to read it!

The smart guys at Princeton explain How Does A Compass Work?

The Atomic Clock


Check out the running light recognition simulator at


Boating Safety Requirements U.S. Coast Guard

and the Canadian Coast Guard

Water safety tips from the American Red Cross

Information on legal protections for injuries at sea via Maritime Injury Center

Boats For Sale:

Boneyard Boats, including some freebies

Soundings Huge searchable for-sale database

Sailboat Trader

Quinn's Boat Sales Seattle

Sailboats 4

University Of Rhode Island Foundation- boats and stuff

Some places to place ads:

All About

Spin Sheet

Sailing Anarchy


WeatherNet- oldest and very complete weather links site, hosted at the University of Michigan

NOAA Buoy Reports:

the NorthEast NOAA Buoy

the South East NOAA Buoy Report


Buying anything (and we mean anything) - Look it up first at Consumer

Ask Cecil Adams: Straight "Fighting Ignorance Since 1973(it's taking longer than we thought)"

Web Cams:

Annapolis Naval Academy Cam