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Johnson 18 Class Constitution

Jn18 Class Const-

A dinghy sportboat sailing community

1. Purpose 2. Membership 3. Officers 4. Dues 5. Class Rules 6. Racing Series 7. Newsletter 8. Ammending Appendix Class Rules

Constitution of the Johnson 18 Class Association

  • 1. The purpose of the Johnson 18 Class Association (hereinafter "the Class") shall be to encourage, organize, and improve, the sailing of Johnson 18 one-design sloops. The Class shall be a non-profit oranization.
  • 2. Membership in the Class will be open to owners of Johnson 18 one-design sloops, as defined by the Johnson 18 Class Association Rules, and their families.
  • 3. The Class will select appropriate officers by vote of ballot by the members in good standing.
    • 3.1. The Class officers shall consist of at least one (1) Commodore, one (1) Vice Commodore, and one (1) Secretary.
    • 3.2. Officers will serve a term of one year, and shall be eligible for re-election for successive terms thereafter.
    • 3.3. Any rule or policy enacted by the Class officers may be subject to vote by majority of members in good standing.
    • 3.4. An officer may be removed by majority vote of the officers or the members in good standing.
  • 4. The Class may levy annual dues. Delinquency in dues of three (3) months or more will render membership inactive. The Class officers shall conduct the finances of the Class prudently and with due regard for the benefit of the members in good standing.
    • 4.1. The Class shall not be liable for any debts contracted by it's members or officers other than legitimate and legal expenses authorized by the Constitution and any subsequent By-Laws.
    • 4.2. Dues shall be approved by unanimous vote of the Officers and Board.
  • 5. The Johnson 18 Class Association will administer the Class Rules in strict accordance with one-design prinicples.
    • 5.1. The Class Association Commodore shall appoint a Measurer who shall interpret and enforce the Class Rules
    • 5.2. Any boat found to be in violation of the Class Rules will be barred from competition until proven to have been brought into compliance with the Class Rules.
    • 5.3. Any changes to the Class Rules must be submitted to the membership for consideration. The Class Association may change the Class Rules by unanimous vote of the officers and Board.
  • 6. The Class may organize a racing series. This may include regattas in each area where members regularly sail. Non-members shall not be scored. The Class shall organize a National Championship regatta annually.
    • 6.1. Racing shall not be assumed to be the only purpose of the Class.
    • 6.2. The Class may adopt some means of discouraging members from seeking or gaining any advantage in competition by too-frequent purchase of new gear, such as sails.
  • 7. A newsletter shall be published by the District. One officer shall be specifically assigned the duty of publishing and distributing of the newsletter. The newsletter shall be open to the contribution of articles and essays by any member.
    • 7.1. Any information pertaining to safety will be given priority and will be disseminated to all members by the newsletter.
    • 7.2. Any events shall be publicized at least two months (or 60 days) by the newsletter. Other channels may be used but shall be assumed secondary for Class purposes.
  • 8. This Constitution of the Johnson 18 Class Association may be changed by a two-thirds vote of all members currently in good standing. Due to the wide geographical area of the Class, voting by mail or other means may be arranged by the District officers.


  • A: The Class may recognize or charter individual fleets. Each fleet shall have a Fleet Captain who will serve as a Board Member, and act in concert with local sailing clubs or organizations. District recognition may be in addtion to or subsidiary to Class Association fleet organization
  • B: District Series Scoring (Proposed, subject to revision): District series regattas must be designated and publicized as such. District series will always include Nationals, Midwinters, or other Johnson 18 Class Association sanctioned regattas or when designated in advance per 7.2. District regattas in which Johnson 18s race within a larger fleet scored on handicap will be scored by the Class Association as if each race was one-design between the Johnson 18s present.
    • High-point scoring as follows:

    • 10 points for each regatta attended.
    • 1 point for each first-place finish.
    • 1 point for each Johnson 18 placing behind in each race.
    • -5 for each DSQ received.
    • Coming to the aid of any boater in distress during any race will score as place before incident.

      Any trophy(s) awarded by the Class shall acknowledge both skipper and crew.

  • C: The Class shall organize and fund at least one non-racing event annually.
  • D: There is no rule "D".
  • E: The Class Association shall be a non-profit organization. The Class may cooperate with commercial interests (boatbuilders, brokers, etc.), and may publicize Johnson 18s, the Class Association, or any events or individuals. This shall never be assumed to be the Class's main purpose. Individual boats, gear, or services may or may not be advertised at the discretion of the Class Association officers, with the exception that District members in good standing may always advertise their Johnson 18s for sale in the Association newsletter.
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