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Johnson 18 Repairs and Maintenance

Jn18 Repairs

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  • Spinnaker Pole Tube
    • If you've got a substantial amount of water in your hull after sailing in waves, chances are good that the bow end connection to your spinnaker pole tube is loose. Water should be pouring out the diamond into the cockpit when water enters the tube, but if the tube slides backward it goes straight below decks instead.

  • Centerboard Gap
    • The board is flanked by gaskets on either side that help to keep water out. Replacing them can help keep water away from the seam between upper and lower hull pieces.
    • Not entirely sure I bet it was like this: gasket-for-centerboard

  • Plugs
    • Sailing without your plugs in is slow and that's a fact.

Hull Damage

  • Bow Eye

  • Topsides

  • Cockpit

  • Bottom