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Johnson 18 Repairs and Maintenance

Jn18 Repairs

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What else could there be to fix? Oh, trust us, there's ALWAYS something else to fix.

  • Cover
    • Zipper
    • Bungees
    • Canvas
    • Clips

  • Trailer
    • Bunks
    • Tires
    • Hubs
    • Frame
    • Winch
    • Lights
    • Hitch
    • Dolly Wheel

  • Modifications
    • Trapeze
      • Although it is controversial in a one design class, almost every boat I know in the SF Bay Area has been converted to trapeze for the crew. We typically sail in 20-25 knots in the summer months and unless you have a couple of really weighty crew, you cannot possibly hold the boat down when going to windward in those conditions without a trapeze. With the trapeze the boat is really fun. For a couple of seasons I had a very athletic 220lb 6 ft crew and we had a blast on San Francisco Bay in summer afternoon conditions. We were able to hold the asymetric spinnaker on tight reaches and really fly, passing 49ers. Going downwind in waves the J18s full bow prevents it from nosediving and, as a result, you can go deeper than the skiffs in heavy breeze and big waves which is a big help in 30 knot puffs.
    • I-14 Mast
      • One friend, Mark Briner, has rigged an International 14 mast with a big roach and larger jib. The result is the boat planes far sooner but in 20-30 knots the roach falls away and reduces overpowering.
    • Kite launch tube