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Johnson 18 Repairs and Maintenance

Jn18 Repairs

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Running Rigging

We're talking lines and whatnot, head over to hardware for advice on standing rigging.

  • General Rigging Instructions

  • Main Halyard

  • Spinnaker Halyard

  • Centerboard

  • Pole lines

  • Jib furler line

    • Probably the easiest is to use about 12 feet of wire (like bailing wire), stiff enough to be able to push it. Run it through the bow well to the stern, taping the new line (about 18' is about right for the line length- get a couple more feet to be safe- or more if you've got it run farther aft) to the end of the wire, when you can get a hold of the wire, gently pull the whole thing through from the cockpit until you get your line.

  • Vang

  • Cunningham